We make stained-glass windows!

We make stained-glass windows
  Together with the child ornament in the nursery windowpanes easily washing away paints (from 3.5 years).

 We mold figures from salty dough
  To take on two parts of a flour and waters and one part of salt. To mix a flour with salt, to add water and to knead dough (with your help). Dough quickly dries up therefore he needs to be kneaded in the small portions. Now it is possible to mold, for example, products for shop or toy kitchen or other figures. Figures it is placed in an oven and we dry up three hours at a temperature of 100 degrees, and then we paint with poster paints (from 3 years).

 We write letters
  The letter to the grandmother with the grandfather, to the best friend or the friend is simply drawn and stuck (Игры для девочек!).

 We build the city
  It is game with continuation. Take an old monophonic cloth or a sheet, spread out on a floor, attach corners to a floor by means of a sticky tape or press down them any freight. With thick felt-tip pen put trunk mains. Let the child will finish the rest, later he will be able to arrange on this cloth of a figure and the machine and to play with them (since four years).

 We embroider on a cardboard
  Cardboard cards can be purchased ready, but it is possible to make and. On cardboard slices previously with a pricker put perforated drawing. Then give cards to the child: let he with a motley woolen thread or a lace "will embroider" with a thick shtopalny needle the drawing designated by holes (from 3 years).

 We bake pies
  We will knead dough a little more, than it is required. We will postpone a small portion in a special plastic bowl. We will allocate to the child of a few cocoa, grated nuts, coconut shaving and we will give it a spoon. We will bake children's pies separately on a small baking sheet (from 3 years).

 We prepare surprises
  It is possible to turn any trifles into big gifts for friends or parents. For example, let the kid himself will wrap sugar candy in a foil, from above will attach the drawing, all this will wrap up a newsprint, will put from above a balloon, etc. And in completion it is possible to wrap everything in a beautiful brown paper (from 3.5 years).